Trombone Songs album is LIVE

Trombone Songs is on iTunes! Making this recording with my teacher, mentor and friend, Dr. John Marcellus, was a once in a lifetime experience. We arranged four songs by Gustav Mahler into duo pieces, and will be publishing them soon as well. The famous Hornsongs by Verne Reynolds are on this recording as well, and like our Mahler Trombone Songs, are for 2 trombones and/or 2 horns and can by mixed and matched. The Faure duos are originally for sopranos, here represented bones and harp. The last 2 pieces are from Maestro ‘Duda’ from Brazil. He is a prolific composer of the Frevo. These pieces were arranged for duo by Scott Hartman, and he gave them to us this summer for our recording. Spending time in Chautauqua and Fredonia was a dream after being a student there 20 years ago. What an amazing ride it has been learning from ‘Doc’. I hope you will enjoy all of the pieces.

cover art draft 5-1

ATU Band Camp Trombone Choir and Faculty Jazz last Thursday.

The trombone choir played an arrangement of the Entrance of the Guests from Tannhauser, by my former trombone teacher, Bill Rose. After that I performed Tara’s Theme from Gone With the Wind, and conducted an arrangement of Jupiter from The Planets called Thaxed. The Faculty Jazz group performed a few tunes after the bone choir, so it was a busy afternoon for me, performing and conducting.

Click here to see the video taken by Justus Penza: